Roberto Giugliani


Bandera USADr. Roberto Giugliani, MD, PhD, Full Professor at the Department of Genetics of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, is a medical geneticist who founded and is an active member of the Medical Genetics Service of the Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil. He is Founder and Member of the Genetics for All Institute and of the House of Rares, and Head of Rare Diseases at the DASA/GENEONE group. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Screening, Chairman of the Latin American School of Human and Medical Genetics, and Member of Brazilian Academy of Sciences. He is member of many international committees and consultant for several companies. He is past President of the Latin American Society of Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Newborn Screening, the Latin American Network of Human Genetics, and the Brazilian Society of Medical Genetics and Genomics, and former Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for the Development of Medical Genetics Services in Latin America. Prof. Giugliani’s main interests are concentrated in screening, diagnosis, and treatment of genetic diseases, particularly of lysosomal storage disorders, having supervised the training of over 100 MSc and PhDs, and being author of more than 500 scientific papers.


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